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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Sing unto Him a new song and play skillfully and with a loud noise.

- Psalms 33:3

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

40,000 words into the book that has managed to evade me for twenty years now.  I'll keep writing and then worry later whether it's:

1. Readable
2. Enjoyable
3. Publishable.
So it's been a while since a post.  No new software development for the iPhone.  I've kind of lost interest.  Appreciate the checks from Apple though.

Here's a bit of the review of 'Mine Eyes Glory Glory' script from CWA.

Although the story is surreal, the message it contains is interesting. There is an uncanny similarity between those who follow a religion and the groupies of a pop icon. The audience will no doubt appreciate the irony and enjoy the humor. It is also fun that this story is honest without necessarily being offensive. This story is not really attacking anyone, it is just pointing out a truth. Overall this is a highly original screenplay which I am pleased to recommend for this competition.